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LABORCHEX pricing for obtaining education transcripts has always been the industry's lowest, at just $9.95.

This value pricing includes our contact with the designated educational institution, processing of paperwork, FAXing/emailing releases, and paying for the transcripts. We have never charged an extra fee for the actual transcript itself, which can cost us anywhere from $5-$20.

Colleges and universities, like other businesses, are trying to grab additional revenue in this tight economy. In addition to making it more challenging for us to get the transcripts quickly (often due to a cut in their clerical staff), some institutions are now charging us for transcripts when they have not in the past.

We are not changing our base pricing of $9.95 for transcript requests, but are going to pass on the actual cost of the transcript (charged to us by the institution). This change is effective September 1, 2009. This additional cost will not be marked up in any way.

PLEASE NOTE: Our standard pricing for CONFIRMING EDUCATION is not changing. This price increase impacts only those requests for actual school transcripts.

As you know, LABORCHEX has always been very reluctant to increase pricing. We trust that you understand the reason for this slight adjustment.

Please reach us with any questions/comments.

Thank you for your business.


For clients who hire commercial drivers, you know that federal law via the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) requires an inquiry in the job applicant's previous drug testing history (Part 382.413) and previous employment (Part 391.23).

LABORCHEX has always provided the industry's best D.O.T. report. It fully meets all federal standards and becomes a vital part of your driver files. Our pricing of $9.95 is an outstanding value.

However, due to the increased costs of working with transportation industry employers who confirm this information to us, we are raising the basic price to $12.95 per employer checked. This change is effective September 1, 2009. Many trucking companies, as well as other businesses that employ commercial drivers have downsized safety and human resources personnel, thus requiring us to use different and more costly methods to verify information for you.

We appreciate your business, and with that in mind we offer this to you:

Mike Purcell is our Alliance Partner who is an expert in the commercial driver and D.O.T. industry. Mike is offering a FREE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION with any client who has questions about D.O.T. safety, compliance, and other issues. Below you will find information about Mike's services. Please feel free to reach him any time and tell him you are a LABORCHEX client.

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