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Employment Verification

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You Simply Cannot Responsibly Hire Anyone Without First Verfiying This Essential Information.

Immediately upon receiving your order and the appropriate signed release form, a LABORCHEX professional will contact previous employers and higher education officials, regardless of where the applicant has lived, worked, or attended school. This extensive process will provide you with valuable insights into the applicant's work and schooling records.

Correct Job Title & Time Period.
Was applicant really the office manager or just a part-time janitor? Working 2 years or 2 days?

Salary History.
Did applicant earn $30,000/yr. or minimum wage?

Performance Evaluation.
Eligible for rehire? Punctual & dependable? Required supervision? Worked well with others? Trustworthy? Rate overall performance on a 1-10 scale.

Reason for Leaving/Termination.
Did applicant quit or get fired? Gave notice or walked off the job?

Customized Questions & Packages Available.